Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chicago part 2

D.J. and I at Hard Rock Cafe

Rain Forest Cafe
A Two Story McDonald's!!!

Don't ask.

Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza!

D.J.'s cool Cubs hat.  I mean, pimp hat.

Brittany Cascio and I were very excited!!!

Lego Land Discovery Center

We watched a Lego movie in 4D

Brittany Cascio and Bryan

Rachel in D.J.'s Cubs hat.  So cute!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


D.J. and I went to Chicago to shoot a  wedding video.  My friend, Brittany Cascio was their photography.  She is really, really good!  She referred us for the wedding video.  It was so fun.  I posted some pictures from one camera and later I will post the rest of the pictures from my other camera.  

D.J. and Michael Jordan

Us at the Buckingham Fountain

This is that reflection bean thing in Millennium Park in down town Chicago.  It's crazy in the middle.

D.J. eating a Chicago hot dog

This a wall in Millennium Park that the water falls down and once in a while a face shows up and shoots out water.

Wrigley Field - CUBS!

D.J. filming the couple at the Chicago Temple

Chicago Temple

The Reception was at the Cuneo.  It's where the reception is at in the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding"

This is the gorgeous couple - Rodney and Kylee.  They are holding our lunch.  We got a ton of hot dogs.  I took some fun pictures of them during the shoot.

We didn't see Rachel for three days.  My sister in law and brother watched her.  These are pictures of her right after we picked her up and gave her the souvenirs. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rachel's new hat

Rachel had fun getting pictures in her new hat she got today.  

Then she decided to hide under her blanket - she was done taking pictures.