Sunday, July 15, 2012

Flood #2

Here are some pictures of this year's flood.  The water is all from the field behind my house.  The farmer flooded his field doing the whole irrigation thing.  Water came in for 24 hours.  Alpine and the pumps couldn't keep up with how fast the water was coming in.

This is where the water started.

Here is all my crap upstairs.  My neighbors all came over and brought up my stuff.

I took this picture the morning after.  The water was still coming in.

The basement got torn up.  Last year the flood wasn't as bad and we were able to save the carpet, but not this year.

Some pictures of Rachel...

Rachel is really into wrapping presents lately.

She feel asleep on the couch and I just love how cute she is in her new Bear Sleeping Mask.

The fourth of July!

Rachel and I have been going through her baby clothes to sort out what to keep and we are giving the rest to my friend.  It's been super fun for Rachel!

Just playing

Rachel loves playing with eye make up for fun.  My niece taught her.