Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Bunch of Pics

I just thought this picture was funny!

Rachel's friend has roller skates and Rachel had to get some. She just loves them!

Rachel's last day of Summer Dance Class. The parents got to watch on the last day of class. I was surprised to find out that Rachel is the trouble maker in the class. She was just everywhere. The picture below shows how the teacher has to keep getting her attention. It was embarrassing and pretty funny!

Rachel playing around and putting a bunch of hair bows in her hair.

Rachel's first Bee sting. It was so sad.

Rachel all ready for Bear Lake. We were at the cabin getting ready and she decided at first to put her swimming stuff over her dress. So funny!

Rachel's first day of Summer Preschool. She took a few different themed classes, like bubbles, Teddy Bear picnic, water fun, and lady bugs. The lady bugs week was her favorite.